guitar projects

Fender Squier Affinity Strat HSS IL OWT – finished

– pickups changed with new pickguard (white pearl) to EMG SA/SA/89 with push pull (nessesary routing for push pull poti…)
– applyed shielding (copper tape) to pickup holes and backside of pickguard
– tremolo bar spring not mountable – hole has no limit – fixed; silenced the springs with foam
– battery placed between the tremolo springs / no battery compartment needed (would have bad optics – because there are only black ones)


Fender Mustang (I v.2 + II v.2) head mod – finished

– separation in head (white leather) and box (8″,12″)
– constructed and build the head box (osb)
– closed the cabine of the box (veneer plywood)


in the background you can see the box – under the Fender Champion clone 😉


guitar stands – finished

(Fender and Gibson Style)
except for the mounts I used left overs from other projects – so each one has cost me 5 € 😀


guitar kit (Telecaster Thinline) – finished

– Amazon Festnight DIY kit TL Style with f hole

– got EMGs for this thing (routed the battery box …)
– original head form with waterslide decal
– natural color with clear finish (12 layers …), polish

cutted head to shape (got the original shape from www), sanded with belt sander to get very good results, applyed waterslide decal

routed the box for battery compartment (with self made template)

finish (way more than 10 layers) each 5 layers a sanding …

polishing the body (20cm buff)

way to go ;-D

 ready 🙂

guitar kit (Les Paul – Harley Benton – thomann) – unfinished

got it for bithday,
– applyed stain / color  after sanding – red for the front (5x), black for backside(3x, then after removing some of the leftovers of the base again 5 times)
– actualy applyed finish – drying (4 weeks)

travel guitar project – finished

got cheap an Fender Squier Affinity (Black)

– body cutting, routing, sanding, polish
– head changed Squier to Fender waterslide decal

new decal with finish, cutted the shape, routed the edges, removed the paint (heat gun), base coat,

routed new jack hole

finish coat/ drying (6 weeks) …

applyed shielding (paint), soldered new output jack, assembled the pickguard

   … fully assembled, polished and  … finished – tada

but – changed again, because the headstock is to big this way I used another neck (no foto yet)